Client Involvement

Custom woodwork is all about collaboration. Each is piece a dance with the client. The choreography of synthesizing; desires the music: materials, the dancers and functionality, the stage. 

Live-edge walnut and black locust.
Larry’s Memorial Box

Peter Gunby has got to be one of the most talented craftsman I have ever met.

Dorothy, Bend Artist:
Tall_Girl Studios

It’s exciting to talk about your vision, decor, and wood preferences. If you like being involved, great! You’ll have a front row seat (with updates and progress photos as your choices become furniture pieces. And, if you just want a finished piece, no problem! My goal is to create something that will become an heirloom, valued and treasured for many decades. I love creating those pieces you are excited to show off when people enter your home or business. My guarantee, if you aren’t happy, my work is not done.

Beautiful furniture starts as beautiful materials. I hand-pick my lumber, scavenge scraps and throw windfall on the roof of my car. My wood collection may look like a stew of sticks, boards, planks and slabs. To me it’s a treasure trove of contrasting tones, swirling grains and unique character. It’s not a neat stack of perfect. Still, I see a palette of colors, hunks of clay, the stuff from which custom furniture and  sawdust, (lots of sawdust), will emerge.

Night stand Drawer front. Live-edge Juniper pulls. Epoxy resin with stone inlay.

In addition to wood, I incorporate electricity, shells, epoxy resin and stones—whatever contributes to the design and enhances the appearance.

Mahogany and maple laminated bench top

I approach each piece as a challenge and with gratitude. A series of accidents changed me forever. Woodworking is the silver lining to those cloudy days. A gift that teaches; presence, patience, persistence and compassion.

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