It Takes a Village…

Hello! I want to start this blog post by expressing my gratitude to my community. Without the assistance of so many talented and supportive people this website would not be possible.

First, a shout out to Brittanie at My Design Assistant. She has been a guide, a coach a counselor and a web designer. Brittanie asked provocative questions that helped me pinpoint details about my brand, products and clients. She distilled my responses and developed a prototype that captured exactly what I hoped to achieve. Her approach is professional, efficient and friendly.

Next, my niece Kelsey is the artist who designed and created the Knotty Woodworking logo/signage. I love her ability to communicate such a rich design using minimal elements. She incorporated the mountains in the Bend skyline along with a Juniper Tree to elicit the exact sense of place I was looking to create with my logo. Her choices of font, color and border pull all the pieces together into a cohesive image that is striking.

Lastly, my appreciation for the makers at the and owners at the DIYCave. This community of craftspeople inspires me with their creativity and skills. My woodworking journey is so much richer for their encouragement and assistance.

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