Steam Punk Lamps

Edison bulb

Maple Burl meets Steam Punk

When this piece of maple burl was given to me it was in sad shape. The coworker that gave it to me found in on the floor of his barn, covered in oily dirt. Months later, when I scraped off the stains I was thrilled to see the amazing birds-eye burl beneath the grime. I still had no idea what to do with it.

Between project work I looked in my wood supply and this Birds-eye grain asked to be made into lamp.

I'd been looking at Edison Bulb lamps and wanted to build one as a prototype

Steam Punk Lamp
Steam Punk Lamp w/figured maple back

I’d been buying plumbing fixtures and Edison Bulbs with the goal of building a prototype. It took a long Saturday in the garage trying out different combinations of nipples, flanges, reducers and dismantled faucets. I landed on a design that I felt had potential . The next day I assembled the parts and connected the wiring. I plugged it in; took a deep breath, and turned the handle (clockwise).

I flashed back to the movie “Breakfast Club,” an 80’s movie about high school students in detention on a Saturday for their misdeeds. One member of the “club” was a “Straight A” student who’s woods shop project, an elephant lamp, didn’t light up when you pulled the trunk.

As the bulb blossomed with light I released my breath in a relieved sigh. My lamp worked; no detention for me.

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