Dorothy Tall_Girl Studios

Wood box with a a mix of woods and large round shell inlaid into the top
Swirling grains complement the fossilized stone

Peter Gunby has got to be one of the most talented craftsman I have ever met.

My dream was to create a box for Larry’s ashes that both honored him and would also be something beautiful that I could look at and be proud to have in my home. Peter offered to help me with that. I selected the special fossilized Sand dollar based on the fact that Larry loved the beach. Peter listened to the rest of my thoughts on Larry with such wonderful intention…  I can’t wait to give my other dogs such beautiful loving homes. Thanks again Peter! Dorothy Mohler, Artist Tall_Girl Studios

Two more boxes are in in the works for Dorothy. The two dogs, Zelda and Shea both loved water and playing in the river. We decided to incorporate an epoxy river framed in cherry, juniper, walnut and ebony.

  • Two Epoxy River Boxes