Patty Jones-Interior Designer

  • 2 night-stands with live-edge juniper tops and legs. The tops have a contrasting strip of mahogany adding a ro accent stripe dividing the top into two thirds (front) and one third (back)the grain of the Juniper
  • Two live-edge juniper night-stands with drawers

I have hired Peter to build furniture pieces for two different clients when I could not find what I needed through my typical resources. 

“He first built 2 nightstands go with a bed my client already owned and they turned out perfectly.  My client and I were both very happy.  On the 2nd project I needed a twin bed for another client to match a bunk bed set they already owned.  It was impossible to find something to match from ready-made sources and Peter built a perfect replica.  His attention to detail and quality is excellent!  Peter is a resource I will be happy to engage for future projects.

Patty Jones Interior Designer

Twin bed oak frame against a white wall on a carpeted floor
Oak bed frame built to match client’s existing bunk beds.